More info on how to play the game.

Did you misplace your instructions? Or do you simply just want to know how to play before you invest in the game. Download our that’s what she said™ game rules and bring your party to life!

that’s what she said™ game is designed to be played with 4+ people, ages 18+ and each game lasts about 30-60 minutes.

The instructions are simple. Each player is dealt 5 phrase cards (white cards) and the pile of setup cards (red cards) sits on the table. The person known to be the kinkiest will be the first Judge. The Judge starts by selecting a red setup card and reading it out loud to the group. Everyone but the Judge should respond to the setup with their funniest phrase card by placing it face-down on the table. The Judge reviews the phrases and picks their favorite for the winner! The first player to collect 5 setup cards wins!

Download a printable PDF version of the game instructions below.


playing the game

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