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10 Must-Haves for a Wild and Raunchy Bachelorette Party


Did she say yes? It’s bachelorette party season and we can’t wait to go out there and get raunchy. When I think bachelorette party I think dirty… I don’t want to go to one of those lame bachelorette parties where you go to dinner and then wine tasting and that is suppose to be a “send off” for the bride. BORING. Do your bride friend a favor and throw her a killer party. Take these ten items with you for a damn good time. 


1. Prosecco Pong

Wild Raunchy Bachelorette Party Ideas Prosecco Pong


The first rule to throwing a raunchy party is to keep it classy. This game is the classy cousin to beer pong and a bachelorette must. This game is sure to be a fun time with your ladies.  Get it here.


2. Dare Cards

Wild Raunch Bachelorette Party Ideas 2019 Bachelorette Dare Cards

What's better than a game of truth or dare? A game of strictly dares! These cards are a sure fire ice breaker for a larger group of gals. Be sure to pass the cards out at the beginning festivities so everyone can complete their dares over the course of the weekend! Grab a pack here.


Promising review:"So much fun for a bachelorette party! We were dying laughing!"


3. Canned Rosé

Wild Raunchy Bachelorette Party Ideas Canned Wine Canned Rosé Drink Babe


Because duh! Whether your hitting the pool or walking the streets of Vegas canned wine is the obvi go-to for the weekend. No more trying to hide giant wine bottles in your bag. We're currently obsessed with Drink Babe! Available in 24 packs in Rosé or Grigio. 


4. That's What She Said Game

Wild Raunchy Bachelorette Party Ideas That's What She Said Game


This is the perfect game to bring to any bachelorette party whether your headed to a cabin or an all-inclusive in Mexico. It’s sure to get the laughs rolling and the party started. Get it here or buy on Amazon. 


5. Chambong

Wild Raunchy Bachelorette Party Ideas Chambong


Get wild and keep is #ClassyAF. Say hello to the Chambong—the perfect champagne drinking device. It's like a beer bong, but for champagne! We recommend the 5 pack acrylic shooters (they're shatter proof so you won't have any of those uh-oh moments). Get it here.


6. Banana Toss 

Wild Rauncy Bachelorette Party Idea Banana Toss


Do I even need to explain? This + a bottle of champagne = the most fun you will have all weekend.  Get it here.


7. Golden Penis Pool Floaty

Golden Bae Golden Boy Dick Penis Pool Floaty Wild Raunch Bachelorette Party Ideas


If you are headed somewhere with a pool, this erotic floaty is an absolute MUST.  It's a bit of a splurge, but hey, it's 79 inches of unforgettable fun.  Most importantly, it's guaranteed to get the bride wet! Shimmy onto GOLDEN BOY for the best ride of your life. Get it here


8. Penis Piñata

Funny Bachelorette Game Penis Pinata



Sturdy enough for multiple gals to get a turn, so everyone will be satisfied after they beat it. Get it here. If you really want to take it to the next level, fill it with these!


9. Make It Rain Money Gun 

Funny bachelorette party idea strippers cash money gun


If there is going to be a stripper, I strongly recommend the money gun. Oh, and you better play Lil Wayne "Got Money" while your using your Make It Rain gun 🤑Get it here.


10. Erotic Cookies

Bachelorette Party Ideas Penis Macaroons


Champagne and macaroons go together like Blair and Serena. Keep your raunchy party classy channeling your inner gossip girl. These pecker shaped delights are sure to bring a smile to as soon as they touch your taste buds. Order here.


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